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Focusing on the needs of the turfgrass producer, Progressive offers four blade options for the Pro-Max 36. A producer can optimize the cut and maintenance costs depending upon the growing conditions by selecting between two fixed blade and two PRO-EZ II Change™ Blade options - all featuring the renown Progressive cut quality.

Progressive Fixed Blades

Pro-Teck Edge™ Fixed Blades

Progressive's fixed high lift and low lift blades feature the Pro-Teck Edge™, designed to keep a sharp edge longer. Pro-Teck is a hard surfacing embedded onto the underside of the blade and can lower ongoing maintenance costs as the frequency of blade removal and re-sharpening is greatly reduced.

PRO-EZ II Blade Tips

PRO-EZ II™ Replaceable Tip Blades

Progressive's innovative PRO-EZ II Change™ Blade system lowers the cost of operation as only the blade tips need to be replaced, when re-sharpening is no longer feasible. PRO-EZ II installs on the same blade support bar as a Progressive fixed blade. Available in both high lift and low lift versions.

The new PRO-EZ II Change™ Blade system offers both extended service life and simplified assembly as it eliminates a spacer, a flat-washer, and requires only one wrench. For added convenience, the new fastener has NC threads so no metric hand tools or nuts are required! *

*The blade tip fastener is installed with a single ¾" wrench and should be torqued to 75 ft/lbs.

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