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It has been said that operating a wide area mower on a turf farm, while not the most expensive piece of equipment to initially purchase, has the highest overall seasonal operating cost. This isn't due to the repair cost, but rather it's a function of how many hours in a growing season a mower is used compared to all the other equipment found on a typical turf farm. Minimizing operating cost per acre, each and every day, year after year is an important consideration when choosing a wide area mower.

Simplifying service and reducing routine maintenance requirements has been a key objective at Progressive for the past several years. Ensuring that many service parts remain backwards compatible to older models is also a key consideration. This not only reduces long term operating cost, it becomes an advantage when your cost of production is lower than that of a competitor's! The resale value of Progressive mowers remains above industry norms due to the continued use of field proven parts and designs. This is the Progressive Advantage!

Let's look at two key areas:

Progressive Maintenance Free Blade Spindles

Maintenance Free Blade Spindles

Progressive introduced maintenance free § blade spindle assemblies several years ago as standard equipment. Developed and tested over many years, they are packed with permanent grease. The sealed bearings incorporate a unique steel seal that is designed to keep lubricant in and contaminants out, providing superior bearing life in demanding conditions. Completely interchangeable with our conventional greased bearings, so older spindles can be upgraded either as kits or complete assemblies. Maintenance free blade spindles not only protect the owner's investment from a missed service, they also reduce the time and cost of routine maintenance.

Maintenance Free Blade Spindles are standard equipment on the Next Generation TD92.

§ Maintenance Free Blade Spindles were introduced for the 2013 production year. Only TD92 units with serial numbers 13921922 & Above come with Maintenance Free Blade Spindle Assemblies installed from factory.

Progressive 100 Hour Greasing Interval PTO Shafts

100 hour Greasing Interval

All of the shafts including the input slip joint on the Next Generation TD92 have 100 hour greasing intervals. The extended interval means more productive mowing time is available each day. For larger scale operations this also allows for easier maintenance scheduling. A daily pre-use walk-around of the mower and tractor should always be performed, but now this task can be accomplished in less time.

Combining the maintenance free blade spindles with the 100 hour greasing interval, provides a measure of comfort for the owner - gone is the fear that a missed service point by un-familiar maintenance personnel will render the mower out of service and put production behind schedule.

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