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We know that our customers are varied: from top ranked golf facilities, to both small and large scale turfgrass production, sports fields, and even private estates. So too is the grass our customers mow.

Progressive offers a range of blades options, allowing users to optimize their cut and lower ongoing maintenance costs as their growing conditions and requirements change; from site-to-site, or even on a seasonal basis.

Offering both high lift and low lift blade configurations provides users a choice in matching the blade to their crop, soil type and mowing requirements. Several Progressive mowers can be ordered with any of the four different blades types direct from the factory or fitted with another style of Progessive blade at a later date.

High Lift Fixed Blades

Combined with Progressive's high tip speed and deep decks, the fixed High Lift blade 'stands' grass blades up for a clean cut, even in damp conditions or at high mowing speeds

  • Superior finish cut
  • Long life hard surfaced edge
  • Ideal for long or wet grass

Low Lift Fixed Blades

Developing less up-lift than the High Lift blade, Progressive's Low Lift fixed blade is ideal for both new growth or sandy soils where abrasion is a concern but a superior cut quality is demanded.

  • Less aggressive lift
  • Enhanced fuel economy due to lower windage
  • Long life hard surfaced edge, ideal for maintenance mowing

Pro-Teck Edge Fixed Blades

Designed to keep a sharp edge longer. Pro-Teck is a hard surfacing embedded onto the underside of the blade. Pro-Teck can lower ongoing maintenance costs as the frequency of blade removal and re-sharpening is greatly reduced.

  • As the blade is used, more Pro-Teck edge is revealed
  • This "self-sharpening" provides extended life and lower cost
  • Available on both High and Low lift fixed blades

The Pro-Teck edge is standard equipment on all fixed blades, except the TD65 and TD65-2 mulching blades.

Pro-Recut Mulching Blades

The superior Pro-Recut mulching blade minimizes discharge clumping and helps to return valuable nutrients to the soil. The design of the mulching blade is matched to the design of each model's deck for optimum performance. It is also ideal for fall leaf clean up operations.

  • When used in conjunction with discharge baffles (also available), Pro-Recut blades produce a fine re-cut so clippings disperse evenly without clumping
  • Available for TD65, and TD65-2 models
  • Pro-Teck long life edge is not available for the TD65 and TD65-2 mulching blades
  • Pro-Flex blade shown. Picture does not represent Pro-Recut Mulching blades for other models.

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