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As a manufacturer, our focus is always on developing and producing high value, productive equipment that gets the job done - safely! Owners and Operators are key elements in achieving this goal. Please take the time to review the precautions and safe work practices outlined in the following items.

Turfgrass Producers International (TPI) publishes the Business Management Newsletter.
In June/July 2012, they featured a safety article named "Mower Safety, Just Good Business Sense". Click the TPI Logo to view the article, in its entirety. This article was reprinted with permission from TPI.

The ADMA (American Driveline Manufacturers Association) has compiled a driveline safety booklet for the safe operation of a PTO powered implement.
Visit their website here.
A direct link to the ADMA Driveline Safety Booklet is available here.

Download a Progressive Operator's Manual for your mower from our Operator's and Parts Manuals section.

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