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The Progressive TD65B is a tri-deck finishing mower designed to maintain large areas quickly and economically. With a 15.5' wide cutting swath, the TD65B is capable of mowing over 90 acres in an 8 hour day at speeds up to 6 miles per hour. Three independent floating mower decks are mounted on a transport frame that allows each deck to follow the ground contours commonly found in school yards, recreation areas, and golf courses. The TD65B produces a professional after cut appearance. When you are not mowing, the TD65B can be quickly disconnected from the tractor, increasing the utilization of the tractor as it is available for other tasks. Similarly, reconnection is fast and simple. Now that's value!

Progressive designed the TD65B mowing deck to provide even dispersion of clippings through the open rear discharge area - avoiding clumping and windrows.

Only minutes are required to change the TD65B cutting height from 1" to 5" without the use of tools. For convenience and safety, all transport and mowing functions are activated without the operator leaving the tractor's seat.


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