TPI 2021 – Caster Wheel Mowers

Caster Wheel Mowers

Caster mowers are available in widths of cut from 12’ to 36’ wide.

When the design is right, its right! The 22’ wide TD92 has stayed basically the same for 30 years, but this doesn’t mean it’s behind the times. Progressive has lead the industry by introducing many labor saving updates that are backwards compatible.

Its ‘little brother’, the TD65 is a 15.5′ mower that mirrors the TD92 design – just in a smaller field-proven package.

As your business grows – so can your mowing production. The Pro-Max 36 extension can be added to an existing TD92 increasing the cutting swath to 36′, reducing labor, fuel, & equipment cost. Using the same key components in both halves keeps more money in your pocket.

Now that’s Progressive!

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