Mow Where No Person Should Be!

A Rental House Opportunity

The Need:

  • There are currently many locations that are too hazardous to mow and maintain by either conventional or manual methods, and this number continues to grow
  • Worker health and safety protocols as well as vegetation control regulations (including restrictions on the use of herbicides) continue to be tightened and more strictly enforced
A single entity (municipality, utility, landfill etc.) may not have enough locations or the available capital budget to justify a purchase of a remote controlled mower. However, their need to have the work completed in a safe and cost efficient manner is real and does not diminish and they need to find an alternative means to get the work done!

The Opportunity:

As a rental product targeted towards a required and specialized application, the SLOPE-PRO® can sustain a high charge-out rate, increasing the ROI and cash flow. The uniqueness of the SLOPE-PRO can help drive increased store traffic an add-on sales.

The SLOPE-PRO Benefit:

The SLOPE-PRO is an ideal offering for a rental house. It is truly a heavy duty, industrial mower and has been designed to keep utilization up and ownership costs low.

  • It is easy to operate, reduce chance of abuse, makes renting stress-free
  • Fits on most landscape trailers so it is easily picked–up or delivered
  • A unique product that drives store traffic
  • Requires little routine maintenance, the time required for pre-rental prep is minimal
And most importantly it is the right tool for the hazardous jobs, saving the 'abuse' of other fleet mowers such as ZTR's.

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