Pro-FORE Blades

Available for the SDR-90, TDR-22, TDR-26 and TDR-30 models is a four blade Pro-EzII system called Pro-FORE.  Ideal on warm season grasses, Pro-FORE adds 2 more blades to each spindle (2 high lift and 2 flat).  Effectively doubling the cutting frequency per blade rotation, Pro-FORE produces a finer cut while utilizing the field proven Pro-EzII replaceable tips.  For convenience of changing between styles, Pro-FORE mounts in place of an existing Progressive one-piece or Pro-EzII blades without any modification to the existing blade spindle and without the need for adaptors.

  • Use 2 high lift and 2 flat Pro-EzII blades on each assembly
  • Compatible with all Progressive mowers designed to use 24″ long Progressive blades
  • When required, just the tips and retaining hardware need to be replaced when required, reducing ongoing cost over the long term
  • Standard hand-tools are used for reduced cost and making change out easy
  • Standard spindle mounting hardware eliminates the expense of replacing unique fasteners
  • Lower start-up horsepower requirement reduces stress on the complete drive train
  • Pro-EzII blades have a thinner profile than a standard blade – this means the tips hold a more effective edge after equivalent mowing hours
  • The confidence of genuine OEM parts; proven and tested by Progressive
  • When installing Pro-EzII tips, impact guns are NOT recommended. Please use hand wrenches and torque bolts to 85ft/lbs for optimal performance
  • Always install similar blades opposite to each other for best performance and balance
  • Never mix old and new Pro-EzII blade tips on the same assembly
  • Never operate with a Pro-EzII blade tip missing.