Tri-Deck Roller Finishing Mower

1/2" to 4"
65 to 75


Proudly built in North America, the TDR-22 is the best value in a Roller Finishing Mower for large-size fields and natural grass production. Unparalleled performance is due to the many standard features that have been field proven over many years of productive use. Full width 6” diameter steel rollers front and back follow the ground contours and help prevent scalping while they smooth the field surface and aid in moisture retention. A high blade tip speed (18,300 fpm) ensures a high quality finish cut, while a choice of four blade types allows the TDR-22 / TDR-22G to be tailored to meet your specific requirements... just to name a few. Together, these changes make the TDR-22 more productive, easier to operate, maintain, and ultimately a better value for natural grass producers worldwide.




  • Pro Lift-N-Turn™:

    Pro Lift-N-Turn is a popular standard feature on the TDR-22, the mechanical stops of the Pro Lift-N-Turn system protect the mower while the operator protects the headlands.

  • Ideal Front to Back Deck Balance:

    The deck pull points are positioned slightly ahead, but much closer to the deck than how competitive models are designed. This makes the TDR-22 better suited for soft ground conditions.

  • Ease of Maintenance:

    Simplifying service and reducing maintenance requirements were key design objectives to minimize ownership costs, and the TDR-22 delivers!

  • Bolt-on Deck and Galvanized Option:

    For producers who grow in sandy, or acidic soil conditions, the bolt on deck design allows for inexpensive replacement of the deck if necessary.

  • The second generation TDR-22 changes:

    What’s old is new – applies to the TDR-22 especially when it comes to features that give high reliability and low cost of ownership.


Part Number:526822 (Painted Decks) 526822G (Galvanized Decks)
Recommended PTO H.P.:65 to 75
Mowing Capacity: * (Assumes no overlap or turning)4 mph 10.7 acres per hour *
6 mph 16.0 acres per hour *
7.5 mph 20 acres per hour *
Cut Height Range:1/2" to 4"
Cutting Width:22'
Transport Width:97"
Transport Tires:LT305/70R-16 Automotive high floatation
Transport Height:10' 2"
Weight:5820 lbs
Transport Length:15'
Std. Equipment:The tractor is required to have a single hydraulic float circuit.
  • Heavy-duty construction, open rear-discharge, easy cutting height adjustment.
  • Heavy-duty 6” dia. Rollers supported by 2 - 1.25” ductile HEX bearings.
  • Maintenance free blade spindles and 100 hr greasing intervals on all PTO shafts.
  • Twelve 24” blades for a superior cut. Tip speed 18,292 FPM
  • Pro Lift-N-Turn system.
  • Bolt on painted deck skins, provide ease of deck replacement if necessary
  • LT 305/70R 16 transport tire. 6,000# load rated axle
  • Independent suspension on transport wheels for smoother transport
Opt. Equipment:
  • 526384 Optional high floatation tires (33x16 LL-16.1 10pr in lieu of standard tires)
  • 230057 Spare – high floatation tire and rim (33x16 LL-16.1 10pr) Requires 526384 to be installed as original equipment
  • 230054 Spare - standard transport tire and rim (LT 305/70R 16)
  • 522610 High Lift Fixed Blade Kit (6 Pieces per kit – requires two boxes)
  • 522618 Low Lift Fixed Blade Kit (6 pieces per kit – requires two boxes)
  • 526784 TDR-22 PRO EZ II Change Blade bar kit (12 Pieces per kit)
  • 526594 PRO EZ II Blade Tips Bulk Pack (50 Pieces – W/O hardware) HIGH LIFT
  • 526648 PRO EZ II Blade Tips Bulk Pack (50 Pieces – W/O hardware) LOW LIFT
  • 526866 PRO-EZ II Blade Bolt Kit - 25 PCS W/ hardware
Disclaimer: Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and designs without prior notice. The illustrations shown do not necessarily represent the standard version of product offered by Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.

Pro Lift-N-Turn™ – Now Easier To Use
With Pro Lift-N-Turn a productivity advantage is realized as Operators have the ability to raise the decks slightly off the ground with the PTO still engaged. This makes turns at the headlands easier and less stressful on both the turf and the equipment. The operator simply has to move the hydraulic control to raise the decks while turning, and lower the decks to resume mowing. Mechanical locks automatically engage to prevent the decks from rising too far. Owners like this feature as the decks can be raised without fear of damaging the drive lines. More importantly, turning is easier on the turf and this results in less product damage from dragging the rollers across immature turf. Progressive’s Pro Lift-N-Turn has simply eliminated the issues competitive models face when turning at the headlands.



Improved Front to Back Deck Balance
The cradle pivot position enhances the balance of the dynamic loading between the front and back rollers on each deck as the mower moves in operation. The result is less loading in the front roller making the TDR-22 even better suited for soft ground conditions, while the ability to follow changing contours is enhanced. Together they permit both higher mowing speeds and mowing in wet conditions.



Wide Profile Transport Tire – Optional Feature
The standard equipment transport tire offers a combination of good floatation and durability, important when transporting the mower between fields. Optionally available on the TDR-22 and TDR-22G is a wide profile tire that offer over a 70% increase in ground contact area, making it ideal in very wet or soft ground locations. The larger contact area means significantly less ground pressure and thus minimal ground compaction. When used in conjunction with Progressive’s exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn system, you have the confidence that you are both protecting turf and preventing soil compaction when turning at the headlands.



Single Hydraulic Line Connection
The TDR-22 only uses a single hydraulic line (see arrow) to operate the decks. Not only does this mean fewer lines to leak, snag and maintain, it also means 50% less opportunity to introduce dirt and contamination into the tractor’s or mowers hydraulic system from a dirty connection. An operator cannot apply down force on the mower though the hydraulic system, protecting the turf from damage and extending the life of bushings. Using a single circuit also means that the hose routing is cleaner and better protected. When mowing, the operator simply places the hydraulic control in the float position and the TDR-22 tracks changes in the terrain. Pro Lift-N-Turn remains fully functional. The TDR-22 requires that the tractor is equipped with one hydraulic float circuit.

Blade Choices
Focusing on the needs of the natural grass producer, Progressive offers four blade options on our turf production mowers. The options include: two fixed blades and two Pro-EZ II replaceable blade tip options in either high or low lifts. This allows the producer to chose which one will best optimize their cut and maintenance costs, depending upon the growing conditions and mowing requirements.
The TDR-22 can be ordered with any of the four different blades types direct from the factory or fitted with another style of Progressive blade at a later date, as the blades all mount to the same blade spindle.





Deck Covers
Access to the top of each mower deck is needed for periodic cleaning, belt inspection and adjustment. Progressive has designed the TDR-22 for easy access – only a few bolts must be removed to access the belts.



Drive Belt Design and Adjustment
Efficient power transmission is essential to a quality cut. The two drive belts used in each deck are designed with additional belt wrap around the pulleys which enhances belt life as the belt is less likely to slip. A simple jack screw on the idler pulley is used for belt adjustment – deck drive gear boxes do not need to be repositioned, saving time and trouble. Belt adjustment should be the only reason to remove a deck cover, other than for inspection and cleaning.


Maintenance Free Blade Spindles
Developed and tested over several years, the TDR-22 is equipped with maintenance free blade spindles as standard equipment. The TDR-22 blade spindle contains both an upper and a lower splash shield to help protect the sealed bearings from moisture damage. Maintenance free blade spindles not only protect the owner’s investment from a missed service, it also reduces overall maintenance time and costs.



100 hour Greasing Interval
All of the shafts including the input slip joint on the TDR-22 have 100 hour greasing intervals. The wing and deck pivots points are also on a 100 hour schedule. The extended interval means more productive mowing time is available each day. For larger scale operations this also allows for easier maintenance scheduling. A daily pre-use walk-around of the mower and tractor should always be performed, but now this task can be accomplished in less time.



Combining the maintenance free blade spindles with the 100 hour greasing interval provides a measure of comfort for the owner – gone is the fear that a missed service point by un-familiar maintenance personnel will render the mower out of service and put production behind schedule.


Bolt-on and Galvanized Deck Shells
In some locations, Producers are faced with deck issues caused by abrasive and/or acidic soils. Since 2007 and a design pioneered by Progressive the separate frame deck shell design that is bolted together not welded. This allows producers to simply change out the deck shell, years in the future, if required, reducing long term ownership cost.






From an ownership perspective, tried and true design, manufacturing techniques and componentry all have a field proven history.

Let’s take a closer look:

Gear Boxes
The TDR-22 uses the same deck and 4-way gear boxes as the prior generation. This is important as not only are proven components used, but if future service is required, replacement parts are readily available.




Independent Suspension
Introduced on the first TDR-22 in 2006, the standard equipment independent suspension has proven invaluable to those producers who need to move the mower from site to site. This reduces the transport time allowing for increased productivity from the mower.



Open Frame Design and Construction
The strong center frame carries the pivot points for the center deck and outer wings, as well as the transport axles. Constructed of heavy walled structural tubing, it is reinforced in high stress areas to minimize overall weight while maintaining structural integrity. A labour saving open frame design avoids clipping build up, making cleaning and maintenance easier. A low tongue weight makes the connection to the tractor easier and transport better.
Progressive continues to use a powder coat paint system that is baked to a hard, durable finish that retains its colour and gloss for years to come. It is a known fact that operators who have pride in the equipment they run will take better care of it.

Height Adjustment
Incorporating an infinitely variable cut height from ½” to 4″ that is both simple to change and a scale that is easy to read. Operators appreciate that in-field adjustments are easy to perform with the supplied tool carried on the mower (inset). To reduce horsepower requirement and save fuel, decks are designed with a slight built-in forward tip. This ensures that the blade in the ‘back half’ of the cutting swing does not drag on the freshly cut grass.