Tri-Deck Roller Finishing Mower

10' 6"
3/8" to 3 3/8"
35 to 45


Progressive’s TDR-X tri-deck roller mower is ideal for specialty grass fields thanks to its ultra-low cut height of just ⅜” to a max of 3⅜” while retaining the long term economy offered by a rotary mower. The short blades (16¾” long) are equipped with replaceable tips and rotates at extremely high RPM providing an efficient and healthy finish cut. The 10.5 foot overall wide cut means the TDR-X is productive on each-and-every pass.



  • Designed to Do a Better Job and Save Money:

    An industry leading blade overlap ensures a quality cut. The TDR-X is equipped with replaceable tip PRO-EZII blades as standard equipment.

  • Designed for a Better Discharge:

    When the quality of the clipping discharge is of prime importance then you need a mower that was designed to deliver a fine even dispersal of clippings.

  • Pro Lift-N-Turn™:

    Very maneuverable into corners to ensure maximum yield, the TDR-X features a Lift-N-Turn system with mechanical stops that allow the decks to be lifted with the PTO is engaged – eliminating both harm to the crop from rollers sliding on the turf and fear of damage to the mower.

  • Easy-Set Height of Cut :

    Need to frequently change the Height of Cut? Then the TDR-X makes that task easy and fast. Just 5 complete turns will raise or lower the height by a full inch. The easy read indicators makes sure you know where its set.

  • Built Dependable:

    The TDR-X was designed the way a roller mower should be designed. For example: The short length, CV joint equipped input shaft is easier and lighter to connect to a tractor than a long shaft so your tractor is easily available for other jobs.


Part Number:549105 (Green) 549100 (Red)
Recommended PTO H.P.:35 to 45
Mowing Capacity: * (Assumes no overlap or turning)4 mph 5.0 acres per hour *
6 mph 7.6 acres per hour *
Cut Height Range:3/8" to 3 3/8"
Cutting Width:10' 6"
Turning Radius:Zero Turn Capable
Transport Width:6' 6"
Transport Tires:23 x 8.5 - 12 6ply
Transport Height:6'
Weight:3250 lbs
Transport Length:11' 6"
Std. Equipment:
  • 3 Independent floating decks follow ground contours.
  • Adaptive Swivel Hitch, allows mower to follow contours without interference from tractor.
  • Heavy-duty construction, open rear-discharge decks.
  • Short length drive belts, two per deck, single jack screw tensioning system each deck.
  • Pro Lift-N-Turn™ allows the operator to temporarily raise the decks slightly off the ground without stopping and with the PTO still engaged. Ideal for crossing cart paths or when engaging the PTO.
  • Able to cut while backing up, this allows cutting in corners and other hard to reach areas.
  • CV input shaft system for easy connection to any tractor.
  • Maintenance free blade spindle assemblies for reduced maintenance.
Opt. Equipment:
  • 526594 PRO EZII Blade Tips Bulk Pack (50 Pieces – W/O hardware) HIGH LIFT
  • 526785 PRO EZII Blade bar kit (set of nine)
  • 212056 TDR-X deck belt – each (two required per deck)
Disclaimer: Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and designs without prior notice. The illustrations shown do not necessarily represent the standard version of product offered by Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.

TDR-X Video Gallery

Introduction to the TDR-X

The way a Contour Mower Should be Designed!

TDR-X Routine Maintenance

The TDR-X was designed for easy and fast routine maintenance.

The Importance of Blade Balance

It's said that 'vibration is a rotary mower’s worst enemy.'

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The outer corner of a rotary blade is the first to wear and round off. Grass can be missed between the blades on mowers with a small blade overlap, even when mowing in a straight line, thus requiring more frequent blade replacements to regain an even cut. With the industry leading 2 inch overlap, the TDR-X maintains its cut quality and the blades do not have to be replaced as often! Compared this to other brands that have blade overlaps as small as ¾”, the TDR-X will save money, every day! The TDR-X is equipped with replaceable tip PRO-EX II blades as standard equipment.

The TDR-X is designed with the two outer blades to the rear of the deck, which minimizes windrowing of clippings along the side channels. Progressive does not use straight baffles under the deck like competitive designs do. The TDR-X clippings are able to fan out in a wide, even dispersal pattern over the rear deck roller, leaving both a beneficial and professional after cut appearance.

An industry exclusive feature not found on other contour mowers! Pro Lift-N-Turn™ allows all three decks to be temporarily raised slightly off the ground with the PTO still engaged. Crossing a cart path or other minor obstacles has never been easier. When initially engaging the PTO, the operator can lift the decks so the blades are above the uncut grass, reducing stress on the complete drivetrain. Click HERE to see the Pro Lift-N-Turn™ in action!

The TDR-X HOC adjustment system is simple and robust. Just one 15/16” wrench is required to quickly and easily change the height-of-cut. The low profile design is mounted to the top of the side channel out of harms way. HOC range is between ⅜” and 3⅜” allowing the TDR-X to be used when and where you need it. Click HERE to see how easy it is to adjust the HOC!

The TDR-X incorporates designs that are field proven and components that are used on much larger roller mowers – up to 30’ wide. Simple one-bolt belt adjustment, no daily greasing, 100 hr PTO ‘on mower’ shaft greasing and maintenance free blade spindles keep maintenance time and cost to a minimum! Two short-length belts are used in each TDR-X deck. Short belts minimize stretch, and thereby reducing maintenance and worry over the long term.