Remote Controlled Steep Slope Mower

2.25" TO 8"
2830 lbs


Developed for demanding mowing conditions, the SLOPE-PRO® is a game changing step forward in operator safety and productivity. It features an ultra-low center of gravity for good stability and maneuverability while allowing the mower to cut on side slopes as steep as 50°.
The SLOPE-PRO® slope mower is designed to mow difficult and hazardous locations while minimizing the risks to an operator, the equipment, or the terrain.
The SLOPE-PRO® is designed, manufactured and distributed world-wide by Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.



  • Built for hazardous areas:

    The SLOPE-PRO® is suitable for hazardous and difficult terrain, including:
    • Roads and highway
    • Parklands and estates
    • Landfill Sites
    • Railway embankments
    • Power line right-of-ways
    • Riparian zones (reservoir and canal embankments)
    • Military bases / restricted environments

  • Tracks, not wheels:

    Mowing hillsides with crevices caused by localized water erosion issues is a particular concern for wheel based slope mowers. Depending upon the width and depth of the crevice, a wheel based slope mower may not be able to cross and complete the job at hand.

  • Spikes / Winches not required:

    Many competitive mowers can achieve similar angles as the Slope-Pro, but require additional help to do it. The Slope-Pro achieves all operating angles without the need for turf damaging spikes, or tethers and winches that require constant adjustment by the operator.

  • Simple and productive; gets the job done:

    The Slope-Pro® mower deck contains two counter rotating blades and provides a productive 52″ wide cut per pass. Maintenance free blade spindles reduces operating cost and provides ownership peace of mind.

  • The Slope-Pro Design Advantage:

    The SLOPE-PRO has several key design advantages that is important in a remote controlled mower. The cutting deck is positioned between the tracks, not ahead of the mower like other models. The mid-mount position of the cutting deck will more closely follow changing ground contours as it rides with the position of the tracks. Two 9” wide and 48” long tracks provide excellent traction and stability while reducing ground pressure to under 4.5psi.


Part Number:604101
Cut Height Range:2 1/4" TO 8"
Engine:747cc Kohler Command-Pro EFI, selected for economy, performance, and reliability
Speed:Infinitely variable from 0 to 4.3 mph - with Work and Travel ranges
Traction Drive:Hydrostatic - independent pumps & wheel motors with integrated fail-safe brakes
Cutting Deck Drive:Belts and electromagnetic clutch (remotely operated from controller with interlock)
Cutting System:2 Blade Rotary with grass / mulching blades. Maintenance free blade spindles
Slope Capability:50° side slope, 35° fore and aft, without spikes or external support devices
Tracks:Turf friendly - 9" wide x 48" long footprint for low ground contract pressure
Remote Control:Remote control of all mower functions, 300' max operating radius recommended
Fuel Tank:Two 3.2 gallon removable tanks with level site gauges and quick disconnect lines
Cutting Width:52"
Transport Width:78"
Transport Height:38 3/4" TO 44 1/2"
Weight:2830 lbs
Transport Length:80"
Std. Equipment:
  • Brush Guards- Provides additional protection to air cleaner and strobe light – standard equipment
  • Cut Height / Width-2.25” to 8” / 52” wide twin counter rotating blades, on-the-go height adjustment
  • Overall Dimensions-Width: 78” / Length: 80” / Height: 37.25 - 43” (depending upon cut height)
  • Weight-2,830 lbs.
Opt. Equipment:Factory Installed
  • 604700 Steel fuel tanks (2) bolted in place – in lieu of removable plastic tanks
    Field Installed
    • 604578 Extra Grass / Mulching blade kit (left and right blades)
    • 604734 High capacity air filter, for extremely dusty environments
    • 604548 C.A.R.B Kit (California Air Resources Emissions Board)
    • 604930 SLOPE-PRO® High-Drive, User Parts Kit
    • 604994 SPARK ARRESTOR - Kohler
Disclaimer: Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and designs without prior notice. The illustrations shown do not necessarily represent the standard version of product offered by Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.

The SLOPE-PRO® has several standard equipment features that are designed for the real world. Many of these standard features are from direct user feedback – listening to our customers helped us make the world’s best slope mower even better!

Real World Standard Features:
Air-cooled gasoline engine, economical to run, with easily handled removable fuel tanks
Engine Details

  • Electronic fuel injected, 747 cc twin cylinder Kohler gasoline engine: sized for productivity – chosen for its fuel economy. Air cooled, eliminates complexity of separate radiator cooling system and purge fan. Air cooled means there isn’t issues associated with de-aeration of coolant when operating on slopes. Meets all current emission regulations for use in the USA
  • Two 3.2 US gallon fuel tanks are equipped with a level site gauge are sized for a full day of work. The fuel tank selector valve allows for spill-free switching between tanks
  • The easily handled fuel tanks are simple to exchange thanks to marine style quick couplers. This allows them to be conveniently and safely refilled away from the worksite
  • An electric fuel (priming) pump means you are back to work quickly even if you run out of fuel


12 volt Electrical system with vibration resistant battery
Electrical System

  • An Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) 12v battery is standard equipment. It is ideal for operation on slopes as it is both spill-proof and vibration resistant
  • Engine mounted charging system – compact and reliable
  • All circuits protected with automotive type replaceable fuses
  • A battery shut-off switch is located ‘out-of-sight’ for added security and prevents battery drain during storage
  • Remote mounted, battery boost terminals are located under the lockable hood for added convenience
  • Electrically operated prevents any chance of cross-contamination between systems


Closed loop, hydrostatic drive track system, incorporating fail safe brakes and a hydraulic oil cooler
Track Drive and Mower Deck

  • The high capacity electric PTO clutch is sized for trouble free operation
  • Two counter rotating blades provide a 52″ wide cut.
  • Maintenance free blade spindles reduce cost and provide peace of mind
  • Thermostatically controlled, hydraulic oil cooling fan keeps temperatures under control when the going gets tough
  • The hydrostatic track drives are separate from the electrically actuated cut height lift cylinders as well as the mechanical PTO drive, this prevents any chance of cross-contamination between systems
  • Each track is equipped with enclosed, spring-applied, fail-safe brake as standard equipment


Protection from branches and debris above and below, an EXCLUSIVE ‘on-board’ jacking system, and sized to fit a standard landscape trailer for easy transportability
Must Have Features

  • Top mounted brush guards protect the strobe light, antenna and air filter from low hanging tree branches
  • A lower guard protects the pump drive belt from damage in heavy applications while minimizing debris build up
  • Bolt-on Blade Spindle protection combats material from wrapping around the spindle
  • Rear mower deck deflector mounted on the rear of the machine aids clipping discharge in heavy mowing conditions
  • For easy cleaning, the side access covers are removable using common hand tools
  • Remote cut height adjustment that is responsive to the operator’s input and easy to see using the markings on both sides of the mower
  • An EXCLUSIVE ‘on-board’ jacking system makes tensioning of the tracks simple and fast, no matter where it is done
  • Easily transported, as it designed to fit most standard landscape trailers



Ability to go over the Toughest Terrain
Attempting to do so may result in the mower getting stuck, or result in a roll-over that can cause both equipment damage and the possibly contaminating the adjacent ground or a near-by waterway. A track based mower offers several advantages including lower ground pressure thanks to the area covered by the track; and the stability that the added ground contact longer track length provides. These factors give the track based SLOPE-PRO® its productivity advantage and its ability to cross most crevices with ease that competitive wheel based slope mowers cannot.



Built Productive
The remote controlled SLOPE-PRO® operates without the need for spike-equipped tracks. This is an important consideration as spikes can damage the turf and any hard surface (pavement sidewalks) that must be crossed between the trailer and the worksite. Featuring an ultra-low centre of gravity its stability, maneuverability, and the ability to cut equally as well in reverse allows the mower to cut continuously on side slopes as steep as 50°.





Built for the operator in mind
The SLOPE-PRO® is capable of operating on side slopes up to 50 degrees. The engine is equipped with a low Oil Pressure shut down system for protection and on-board diagnostics for peace of mind. Enclosed, spring-applied, fail-safe brakes are standard equipment and apply automatically if the engine is shut down. Only two grease fittings, easily accessed engine oil dipstick, hydraulic tank level sight glass and remote fluid drains making routine serving convenient






Built-in jacking system:
An EXCLUSIVE on-board jacking system makes tensioning of the SLOPE-PRO® tracks easy as it uses the adjustable height of cut feature to lift the tracks off the surface. The ‘legs and feet’ of the jacking system are secured in holders under the lockable hood so they are always available.

A track system design similar to heavier equipment:
Dual flanged rollers, a familiar grease cylinder style slack adjuster, and recoil spring, all similar to what is used in most mini-excavators, make track tension adjustment simple and fast to do using a handheld grease gun. The easier it is, the more likely proper track tension will be maintained, and as a result, track life is enhanced.

The elevated drive motor design minimizes the build-up and packing of mud and debris around the hoses and drive motors. The high drive motor position reduces the risk of hydraulic hose snags and leaks, an important consideration in sensitive areas.