Tri-Deck Finishing Mower

3/4" to 5"
45 to 70


Since its introduction in 1990, Progressive’s 22 foot wide TD92 Tri-Deck Rotary Finishing Mower has become the benchmark mower of the natural grass industry. It is considered to be the most productive and cost effective wide-area natural grass mower available while delivering a quality of cut, second to none. Following extensive customer input, the Next Generation TD92 raises the bar even higher with new features that will enhance productivity and further reduce ongoing maintenance requirements and cost. The Next Generation TD92 is available with either painted or galvanized, bolt-on deck shells. Proudly built in North America, some of the standard features of the Next Generation TD92 include: enhanced clipping discharge, Maintenance Free Blade Spindles, extended 100 hour PTO Shaft Greasing intervals and fewer grease fittings than prior models. Four different OEM blades are available to match local growing conditions. Retaining many of the same components and design features that have been field proven on several thousand TD92’s, means that there is more time cutting, less time maintaining and more money in your pocket each day! The Next Generation TD92 raises the bar to new heights as the Better Built Choice!




  • Lowering the Cost of Operation:

    By always striving to improve, Progressive have introduced many innovations that have lowered the cost of natural grass production.

  • Bolt-on Deck Shell: Painted or Galvanized Versions Available:

    For producers who grow in sandy, or acidic soil conditions, the bolt-on design allows for inexpensive replacement of the deck shell if necessary.

  • Excellent Flotation and Easy Height Adjustment:

    The TD92 is easy on the turf. Low ground pressure is achieved with 12 large, floatation tires. HOC adjustment is made using a combination of 3/8″ and 1″ spacers to achieve the 1″ to 5″ HOC cut range.

  • Designed Today for Convenience Tomorrow:

    It is a well-known fact that many TD92’s remain in active service after operating 20 years plus in the field!

  • Reliable, Proven, Productive:

    Our backwards compatibility strategy of parts and designs is the right approach for our customers, as many of the key components we use in our current production will fit older mowers; including gear boxes, spindles and PTO shaft among many other items.


Part Number:629222 (Painted Decks) 629222G (Galvanized Decks)
Recommended PTO H.P.:45 to 70
Mowing Capacity: * (Assumes no overlap or turning)2 mph 5.4 acres per hour *
4 mph 10.7 acres per hour *
6 mph 16 acres per hour *
7.5 mph 20 acres per hour *
Cut Height Range:3/4" to 5" in 3/8" steps
Cutting Width:22'
Turning Radius:Zero Turn
Transport Width:9' 6"
Transport Tires:P275 / 60R 15 Automotive Radials
Transport Height:10'
Weight:4100 lbs
Transport Length:15'
Std. Equipment:
  • Heavy-duty construction, open rear-discharge, easy cutting height adjustment.
  • Heavy-duty gauge wheel tires with tapered roller bearings.
  • Transport tires: P275/60 SR15
  • Painted, bolt-on deck skins, provides ease of deck replacement if necessary
  • Maintenance free blade spindles and 100 hr greasing intervals on all PTO shafts.
  • High lift blades for superior cut. Blade tip speed 18,547 FPM.
  • Double anti-scalp roller mounted at the front center of the two wing decks.
Opt. Equipment:
  • 522427 Rear Anti-Scalp Kit (6 rollers, with bolt-on brackets, requires installation)
  • 522605 High Lift Fixed Blade Kit (9 Pieces per kit)
  • 522608 Low Lift Fixed Blade Kit (9 pieces per kit)
  • 526780 TD92 PRO EZ II Change Blade bar kit (9 Pieces per kit)
  • 526594 PRO EZ II Blade Tips Bulk Pack (50 Pieces – W/O hardware) HIGH LIFT
  • 526648 PRO EZ II Blade Tips Bulk Pack (50 Pieces – W/O hardware) LOW LIFT
  • 526866 PRO-EZ II Blade Bolt Kit - 25 PCS W/ hardware
  • 629106 Spare Deck Tire Bracket (not installed, requires 521028 Tire & Rim, ordered separately)
  • 629200 Hydraulic Deck Lift Stabilizer (factory installed only)
  • 629330 Progressive brand solid deck tire in lieu of pneumatic tires (10 pieces)
Disclaimer: Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and designs without prior notice. The illustrations shown do not necessarily represent the standard version of product offered by Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.

Maintenance Free Blade Spindles
Field proven over several years, Maintenance Free Blade Spindles and heavy duty 100 hour greasing interval PTO shafts (shown) are used to lower both the cost and the time spent on routine maintenance and deliver a long service life. They also provide peace of mind that a missed greasing won’t render the mower out of service. As the TD92 is used in both wet field conditions and are often washed between fields, the TD92’s maintenance free blade spindle contain both an upper and a lower splash shield to help protect the sealed bearings from moisture damage.

100 hour Greasing Interval
All of the shafts including the input slip joint on the Next Generation TD92 have 100 hour greasing intervals. The extended interval means more productive mowing time is available each day. For larger scale operations this also allows for easier maintenance scheduling. A daily pre-use walk-around of the mower and tractor should always be performed, but now this task can be accomplished in less time.



Bolt-on Decks
Natural Grass Producers in some locations are faced with deck skin issues caused by abrasive or acidic soils or clippings. Progressive responded to this concern by introducing a deck design that bolts the deck skin to the deck frame structure rather than welding it. The bolt-on shell feature is made possible because Progressive pioneered the separate frame deck shell design that is bolted together not welded.  This allows producers to simply change out the deck skin years down the road if required. The TD92 and TD92G (Galvanized Deck) share the same bolt-on design, ultimately reducing long term ownership cost.



Heavier Spindle Mounting
Incorporated into each new deck frame are heavy spindle mounting plates that are designed to provide additional structural rigidity. The deck skin is now captured between each blade spindle and the mounting plate to control any flexing that may occur. The result is a superior, more accurate cut.


Now Deck Cleaning Is Easier Than Ever
Cross-contamination between crops is a concern for many producers, but not all producers can justify dedicated mowers for each crop, and cleaning can be time consuming. With this in mind, the new TD92 deck frames have been designed to greatly reduce cleaning time and minimize ‘pockets’ where clippings can collect. The deck cross member near the rear of each deck has been raised above the deck to provide a large wash-out area. The wash-out area is blocked when the belt covers are installed, minimizing clipping entry.


Heavier Construction = Longer Service Life
The air flow hoops under each deck are a key part of the high quality cut that the TD92 is known for. The Next Generation TD92 hoops are made of heavier 3/16″ plate, adding both increased life and rigidity to the deck for long term durability.



Excellent Floatation
The TD92 is easy on the turf. Low ground pressure is achieved with 12 large, floatation tires or optional solid tire option. Tire position is staggered to minimize soil compaction and rutting. Six non-swiveling caster tires as well as the two main transport tires keep the mower tracking straight while mowing across gentle hillsides. Simple, field-proven cut height spacers make HOC adjustment quick easy and accurate. Only minutes are required to change the cutting height from 3/4″ to 5″ – without the use of tools.


Improved Clipping Discharge
Efficient airflow is a key component of the overall design that provides the high quality of cut the TD92 is known for. With this in mind, the discharge opening of each deck has been made larger, aiding clipping dispersal. See illustration. By revising the discharge opening shape on the Next Generation TD92, ‘fanning’ of the clippings is increased when mowing either warm or cool season grasses, regardless if they are wet or dry.
Progressive has retained the high blade tip speed (over 18,800 fpm) which is another key component of the design.





Automatic Deck Locks
Automatic mechanical deck locks are incorporated into the Progressive TD92 to hold all three decks in place when raised for either blade servicing or transport. The decks are easily raised and lowered using the tractors hydraulic system, directly from the tractor seat. Deck locks are released by simple pull rope – no need for an extra hydraulic circuit.



Designed Today for Convenience Tomorrow
It is a well-known fact that many TD92’s remain in active service after operating 15 years plus in the field! Knowing this, Progressive Turf Equipment has designed the Next Generation TD92 to be even easier to rebuild down the road, which helps to control long term ownership cost. For instance, the Next Generation TD92 transport axle has been made bolt-on. See highlighted box. Now common with the Pro-Max 36 transport axle, if service to the axle spindle is ever required, it can be simply and economically replaced.


New Design Corner Pin
Several design changes have been made to the wing deck’s corner pin, increasing durability and service convenience.
A larger diameter corner pin for added durability and for added convenience the TD92 uses the same height adjustment spacers as the round swivel deck casters.
A bolt-on mount plate has been added. This allows the plate to be turned so a new surface can be used. And when required, a new plate can be easily fitted.
The corner pin structure has been strengthened and repositioned to accommodate the replaceable mount plate.


Multi-position Hitch with 8 Different Height Positions
As tractor design evolves, so does Progressive! With new tractor models now on the market and a wider selection of available tire sizes and profiles, a revision to the hitch was required. As it is important that the main frame is level to the ground when mowing; a second hitch receiver has been added. The TD92 can accommodate a range of drawbar heights allowing the mower to be properly attached to a wide range of tractor / tire combinations. See arrows.




While there have been improvements to enhance durability and productivity, backwards compatibility means lower operating cost over the long term.

Progressive GROWS with your business!
As your business grows, so can your TD92. By simply adding a Promax-36 unit in the front of your existing TD92, you can gain the benefit of the Promax Mowing System. Designed to work together, your cutting width is increased from 22 feet to 36 feet per pass, providing a productivity increase of up to 64%.  For more information on the Promax Mowing System, CLICK HERE





Gear Boxes
The Next Generation TD92 uses the same 4-way and deck gear boxes as the prior model and are covered with a 3 year warranty. This is imporatant as not only are proven components used, but if future service is required they are readily available. Reusing good parts from older mowers keeps owning cost low.