Pro-Roll 15

Wide-Area Contour Roller



The Pro-Roll 15 is a versatile wide-area turf roller with a 15' rolling width. Ideal for smoothing flat or contoured turf, they have been shown to aid in reducing disease pressure and permit a reduction in mowing frequency and chemical usage, while still being gentle enough for use on new growth and delicate turf.

The Pro-Roll 15 produces consistent compaction, regardless of the terrain profile, as each roller is able to independently track changing contours.

The Pro Roll 15 can be used with wither a compact tractor or a wide range of utility vehicles.

Solid ballast is easily added to or removed from each roller deck allowing even compaction across all rollers.



  • Durable Countering Rollers :

    Pro-Roll 15’s seven individual floating roller assemblies’ conforms to undulating terrain.

  • Pro Lift-N-Turn™:

    An exclusive but essential feature, permits sharper turns without the fear of scuffing and allows you to quickly exit a fairway when play approaches

  • Easily Adjustable:

    Quickly and easily adjust Pro-Roll to changing conditions and desired results.

  • Towing Flexibility :

    A standard 2” ball or optional 4-way swivel hitch provides a wide range of towing options. Two hydraulic hoses connects the tow vehicle to the Pro-Roll. Roller float is built into the Pro-Roll so the tow vehicle does not require a hydraulic float function.

  • Efficient :

    Designed with the user in mind, the Pro-Roll incorporates several innovative features that puts the Pro-Roll ahead of the pack when it comes to wide-area and contour rolling.


Part Number:670168
Weight: * (Without ballast installed)1910 lbs
Weight: * (With six 30 lb ballast weights per roller)3170 lbs
Ground Pressure: * (Without weights)5.8 psi
Production: * (Assumes no overlap or turning)4 mph 7.3 acres per hour*
6 mph 11 acres per hour*
8 mph 14.5 acres per hour*
Ground Pressure: * (With 2 weights per roller)7.7 psi
Ground Pressure: * (With 4 weights per roller)9.7 psi
Ground Pressure: * (With 6 weights per roller)11.6 psi
Transport Width:7' 11"
Transport Tires:Four 18.5 x 8.5 - 8, 4 ply
Transport Height:6' 11"
Transport Length:9' 9"
Std. Equipment:
  • Seven independent roller assemblies, each housing a 6”dia. x 26” heavy walled steel roller in a wrap-around frame
  • Each roller end is supported by a maintenance free, over-sized flanged bearing
  • Each roller assembly has four removable 30lb ‘suit-case’ style ballast weights
  • Each roller assembly has a mechanical deck lock to secure the assembly in a raised position
  • A shock absorber is standard on each roller assembly to help control bounce
  • Pro Lift-N-Turn™ is standard equipment, allowing tight turns without scuffing
  • Four 18.5x8.5 turf tires are used for transport
  • 2” dia ball hitch with height adjustment
  • Outer roller assemblies will fold and mechanically lock to reduce overall transport width
Opt. Equipment:
  • 670142 4-way swivel clevis style hitch, in lieu of standard 2 inch ball hitch
  • 670146 Additional removable solid weights, set of 14 installed (two additional weights per roller assembly). 30lb each. Factory installed if ordered with Pro-Roll
Disclaimer: Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and designs without prior notice. The illustrations shown do not necessarily represent the standard version of product offered by Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.

Contour Following
The Pro-Roll has individual roller assemblies that both conform to contour changes and provide consistent compaction across the entire width of the machine. Each 26 inch wide roller can float up and down, as well as side to side, completely independent of the adjacent roller. This allows accurate tracking of contour changes that are found around fairway hazards, approaches or even on a corporate campus. This also means that individual roller assemblies do not need to be leveled or calibrated, saving time; simply hook up and go!





Easy in the Turns
Pro Lift-N-Turn™ is an industry exclusive feature, not found on other turf rollers! Pro Lift-N-Turn allows the operator to simply raise the rollers slightly off the ground during a tight turn, eliminating any chance of scuffing. On normal turns, the rollers can be left on the turf, thanks to their round ends and short length, compared with competitive designs. Pro Lift-N-Turn is ideal for use in the tight corners of a sports-field, or around a fairway hazard. A unique but essential feature, Pro Lift-N-Turn allows you to quickly exit a fairway when play approaches.



Transport Tires
When the rollers are lifted the weight is transferred to the four extra-wide floatation tires that are mounted individually – no scuffing here! Each pair of dual transport tires distribute the weight over a large footprint when the rollers are raised, such as when the Pro-Roll is being transported to and from the work site or the Pro Lift-N-Turn system is used.
When the rollers are engaged with the turf, the four transport tires carry very little weight as the ballast is directly over each roller assembly. Thus the transport tires have no impact on the final compaction.



Solid Ballast
The advantage of using solid ballast is that exactly the same amount of compaction is applied to each roller, across the entire width of the Pro-Roll, regardless of the terrain. This eliminates compaction variability between rollers that is associated with other ballast methods. Importantly, no time or resource is wasted filling or draining water tanks! Additionally, using easily handled 30 lb metal weights on each roller for ballast eliminates the need for a constant down pressure hydraulic system and the associated risk that a turf killing oil leak could occur.  Accurate and precise ground PSI can be easily adjusted from 5.8 psi to 11.6 psi by adding or removing individual 30 lb. solid weight ballast with no tools. 



The Pro-Roll is designed to adapt to your changing turf conditions. For hard packed fairways or athletic fields with divots, a heavier roller is desired. On rain soaked or newly sodded areas, lighter compaction is essential. The Pro-Roll can easily accommodate these different demands, and everything in between! Each roller assembly can accommodate up to six 30 lb ‘suitcase’ style steel weights that are used for ballast (four weights per roller assembly are included as standard equipment). To adjust compaction, simply add or remove the same number of ballast weights from each roller. This allows you to easily vary the compaction (ground pressure) on each roller assembly between 5.8 (without ballast) and up to 11.6 psi (with the maximum 6 weights installed). Using the same number of ballast weights on each roller ensures consistent compaction is applied evenly across the entire width of the Pro-Roll. (For comparison: an average man of medium build exerts a compaction of 8 psi while standing, and 16 psi while walking, which is localized to his footprint).

Here is a chart on how you can choose your weights for optimum compaction for your conditions:



Hitch Options
Two different styles of hitch are available to adapt the Pro-Roll to the tow vehicle. Both types of hitches have several mounting heights to match the tow vehicle.
Standard equipment is a common 2 inch diameter ball hitch that allows a high degree of freedom and is commonly used with utility vehicles.
Optionally available is a 4-way swivel hitch that isolates the tractor from the Pro-Roll, allowing true contour tracking when connected to a straight drawbar of a compact tractor.


Folds for Transport
The Pro-Roll folds to a transport width of 7’11”. This allows it to easily pass through a storage shed door or travel along a tree lined cart path. The outer wings are hydraulically raised and lowered and will automatically lock (mechanically) when raised for transport. All wing functions are controlled by the Operator from the tow vehicle’s seat, dismounting from the tractor is not required.


Roller Assembly Lock
Each of the five roller assemblies is equipped with a mechanical lock on the lift arm for use when transporting. Each lift arm lock has a simple clip that allows either the repeated use of the Pro Lift-N-Turn™ system, or the engagement of the lift arm lock.



Roller Design
Each of the 26″ long, heavy-walled 6 inch diameter steel rollers are housed in a wrap-around frame for protection. The roller ends are rounded to be easy on the turf. For durability, the pivots are straddle mounted and an over-sized flanged bearing supports the ends of each roller. Replaceable bushings and pins are incorporated at all key pivot points.