Single Deck Finshing Roller Mower

1/2" to 4"


The Progressive SDR-90 is a three point hitch version of the popular tri-deck TDR-22 mower and it utilizes many of the same components. Not to be confused with other, light duty three point hitch mowers that are available, the SDR-90 has a 6” diameter rollers on both the front and rear across the full width of the deck. Ideal for smaller mowing jobs where a quality cut is mandatory, the SDR’s rollers allow you to cut as low as ½”, while simultaneously striping and rolling the mowing surface. To minimize service requirements, the SDR-90 is equipped with field proven maintenance free blade spindles. Progressive’s SDR-90 mower is another example of the ingenuity and quality that goes in to producing a durable, reliable rotary finishing mower that is easy to maintain. It shows once again why the SDR-90 is “The Better Built Choice”.



  • Easy height adjustment:

    Infinite cutting height adjustment from ½” to 4”.

  • Full width rollers:

    The rollers will stripe the turf, leaving a pleasing visual impact for the facilities patrons – a testament to the professionalism of the job.

  • High Blade Tip Speed:

    Progressive’s high tip speed provides a clean even cut at ground speeds up to 6 miles per hour for the high productivity users have come to appreciate from a Progressive mower.

  • Simpler Maintenance = Lower Cost:

    Maintenance Free Blade Spindles and sealed roller-end bearings are used to lower both the cost and time spent on routine maintenance.


Part Number:531990
Recommended PTO H.P.:35
Mowing Capacity: * (Assumes no overlap or turning)2 mph 1.8 acres per hour*
4 mph 3.56 acres per hour*
6 mph 5.33 acres per hour*
Cut Height Range:1/2" to 4"
Cutting Width:90"
Transport Width:92"
Weight:1380 lbs
Std. Equipment:
  • Heavy-duty construction, open rear discharge, easy cutting height adjustment
  • Heavy-duty 6” dia. rollers supported by 2 - 1.25” ductile HEX bearings.
  • Maintenance free blade spindle assemblies for reduced maintenance.
  • High lift blades for superior cut. Tip speed 18300 FPM.
Opt. Equipment:
  • 522365 24” Low Lift Blade (four required)
  • 522364 24” High Lift Blade (four required)
Disclaimer: Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and designs without prior notice. The illustrations shown do not necessarily represent the standard version of product offered by Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.

Height of Cut (HOC) Adjustment
Using the supplied tool the mower cutting height can be adjusted quickly for multiple mowing applications. Both models of SDR mowers can be fitted with either one piece fixed blades or the replaceable tip Pro-Ez II blade system.  Click HERE to see more about our Progressive Mower Blades.





Built Smarter
Each 6” diameter, thick wall rollers with ‘Hex’ shaft ends is supported by two greaseable 1¼” ductile iron flange bearings. A cable wiper is position by each roller to eliminate grass build-up in damp mowing conditions. The rollers also help promote root to turf contact for faster divot repair and healthier turf.




Blade Choices
Progressive offers four blade options for our SDR mowers. The options include: two fixed blades and two Pro-EZ II replaceable blade tip options in either high or low lifts. This allows the owner to chose which one will best optimize their cut and maintenance costs, depending upon the growing conditions and mowing requirements.
Either model SDR can be ordered with any of the four different blades types direct from the factory or fitted with another style of Progressive blade at a later date, as the blades all mount to the same blade spindle.



Maintenance Free Blade Spindles
Developed and tested over several years, Progressive is pleased to introduce maintenance free blade spindle assemblies. Completely interchangeable with a greased spindle, the same housing is used providing wide spacing between the bearings ensuring low bearing loading and long service life. Maintenance free blade spindles not only protect the owner’s investment from a missed service, it also reduces overall maintenance time and costs.