Tri-Deck Finishing Mower

15' 6"
1" to 5"
30 to 50


The Progressive TD65 is a Tri-Deck rotary finishing mower providing a 15.5 foot cut. By using your 30-50 H.P. tractor the TD65 can mow up to 90 acres in an eight hour day. The TD65 is operator friendly with straight forward and very low maintenance requirements.

Three independent floating decks are mounted on a robust transport frame. These decks conform to and follow most undulations and other ground conditions that are encountered during the mowing of parks, school yards, and other large recreation areas without scalping. Maintenace Free Blade Spindles offer peace of mind and lower cost of operation.

The superior cut is the result of our deck design. High lift rotary blades create enough vacuum to lift the grass for a smooth, even cut and then disperse the clippings evenly through the rear discharge system which is unique and an integral part of the deck design. The result is a superior after cut appearance.

Only minutes are required to change cutting heights from 1” to 5” without the use of tools. In addition, all operating functions for transport and mowing positions are activated from the tractor seat.

The TD65 is another example of the ingenuity and quality that goes into producing a durable, reliable, rotary finishing mower that is easy to maintain. The TD65 is not only of superior quality, providing a superior cut, it is “The Better Built Choice



  • Maintenance Free Blade Spindles:

    Developed and tested over several years, Progressive is pleased to introduce maintenance free blade spindle assemblies

  • Heavy Duty Blade Spindle :

    A field proven design over many years, the TD65 incorporates nine blade spindles each supported by two maintenance free bearings per spindle.

  • 3/16" Steel Deck :

    The TD65 is designed with deep skirt decks that are formed and welded, with bracing at high stress areas, to provide maximum structural strength.

  • Cut Height- Easy to Adjust:

    Progressive makes it easy for the user to change the Height of Cut (HOC) easy and safely. Adjustment is made using a combination of 3/8″ and 1″ spacers to achieve the 1″ to 5″ HOC cut range.

  • Excellent Floatation:

    The design of the decks of the TD65 is easy on the turf. A very high tip speed provides a high cut quality and leaves a superior finish.


Part Number:526515B
Recommended PTO H.P.:30 to 50
Mowing Capacity: * (Assumes no overlap or turning)2 mph 3.7 acres per hour *
4 mph 7.5 acres per hour *
6 mph 11.3 acres per hour *
Cut Height Range:1" to 5" in 3/8" steps
Cutting Width:15' 6"
Turning Radius:Zero turn
Transport Width:8' 6"
Transport Tires:18 X 9.50 X 8 NHS, 6 ply, Turf Saver Tires
Transport Height:7' 6"
Weight:2720 lbs
Transport Length:14'
Std. Equipment:
  • Heavy-duty construction, open rear-discharge, easy cutting height adjustment.
  • Heavy-duty gauge wheel tires with tapered roller bearings.
  • Maintenance free blade spindle assemblies for reduced maintenance.
  • High lift blades for superior cut.
  • Tip speed 18,287 FPM.
  • Anti-Scalp Rollers, twelve in total.
  • CV Shaft Input System for easy connection to any tractor
Opt. Equipment:
  • 522311 Heavy Duty Transport Tires (in lieu of standard tire factory installed)
  • 521811 Spare - Heavy Duty Transport Tire (20.5 x 8 -4 ply) (must order 2 if replacing standard tire – requires corner pin p/n 526472)
  • 522603 High Lift Blade Kit (replacement set of 9 fixed black blades)
  • 522606 Low Lift Blade Kit (replacement set of 9 fixed blades)
  • 522507 Mulching Kit – (Requires 522611 Mulch Blade Kit) not installed
  • 522611 Mulch Blade Kit (set of 9 blades)
Disclaimer: Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and designs without prior notice. The illustrations shown do not necessarily represent the standard version of product offered by Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.

Maintenance Free Blade Spindles
Completely interchangeable with a greased spindle, the same housing is used providing wide spacing between the bearings ensuring low bearing loading and long service life. Maintenance free blade spindles not only protect the owner’s investment from a missed service, it also reduces overall maintenance time and costs. The sealed bearings we use have a unique steel seal located on the bottom and the top of the spindle so that it is designed to keep lubrication in and contaminates out (seen HERE), providing superior bearing life in demanding natural grass production conditions. 







Heavy Duty Blade Spindle
A long support bar holds the blade straight, providing a clean, level cut. A steel shield below the bottom bearing and on the top of the spindle (seen HERE) gives protection from any debris that could otherwise damage the bearing seal. Like all Progressive finish mowers, all blade spindle assemblies are interchangeable within the mower and quickly serviceable, lowering the total cost of ownership.







3/16″ Steel Deck
The open back discharge allows clippings to be dispersed evenly and without bunching up, leaving an after cut appearance that is second to none. This is created by a non-baffle design and symmetrical spindle design allowing the air under the deck to create a free following clipping dispersal.





Automatic Deck Locks
Automatic mechanical safety locks are incorporated into the Progressive TD65 to hold all three decks in place when raised for blade servicing or transport. The decks are easily raised and lowered using the tractors hydraulic system, directly from the tractor seat.










Cut Height- Easy to Adjust
Cutting height adjustment can be simply done on the TD65 by removing a lynch pin from top of each castor wheel stem and moving the spacers either above or below support tube as required. Like all Progressive mowers, the wheel hub and castor pivot are greaseable and castor pivot bushings are replaceable for low owning and operating costs.







Excellent Floatation
Low ground pressure is achieved with 12 large low pressure floatation tires. Tire position is staggered to minimize soil compaction and rutting. Six non-swiveling caster tires as well as the two main transport tires keep mower tracking straight while mowing along hillsides.