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While there are many new features on the PM-36, there is a lot that has stayed the same as compared to the model it replaces. From an ownership perspective, the complete Pro-Max 36 mowing system is a tried and true design, and uses componentry that have a proven field history for peace of mind over the long term.

Progressive Grows With Your Business

Progressive GROWS with your business

As your business grows, so can your Progressive mower. By simply adding a PM-36 unit to your existing TD92, you gain the benefit of the Pro-Max Mowing System. Designed to work together, your cutting width is increased from 22 feet to 36 feet per pass, providing a productivity increase of up to 64%. Many common parts keep operating cost low.

Progressive TD92 Gear Boxes

Gear Boxes

The Next Generation PM-36 uses the same part number 4-way and deck gear boxes as the prior model and still features a 3 year gear box warranty. This is imporatant as not only are field proven components used, but if future service is required they are readily available.

Progressive Easy to Adjust Deck Cutting Height

Cut Height - Easy to Adjust

Cutting height adjustment can be simply done on the PM-36 by removing a lynch pin from the top of each castor wheel stem, and repositioning spacers as required either above or below the support tube. Like all Progressive mowers, the wheel hub and castor pivot are greaseable and castor pivot bushings are replaceable for low owning and operating costs. A slight forward tip to each deck means the back half of the blade swing is just above the cut turf - reducing power demand, in turn saving fuel and preventing damage to the plants.

Progressive Simple Drawbar Connection

Drawbar Connection

A sliding drawbar is incorporated for easy one man connection of a TD92 to the PM-36. This also means that if needed, the 22' wide TD92, can be disconnected from the PM-36 and quickly put into service as a stand-alone mower. A separate stabilizer link (circled) allows controlled reversing and true tracking of the paired mowers, maximizing mowing productivity.

Progressive Excellent Floatation

Excellent Floatation

The complete Pro-Max 36 mowing system is easy on the turf. Low ground pressure is achieved through five independantly floating decks, each supported on floatation turf tires. Four main transport tires plus two non-swiveling rear deck caster tires keeps the mower tracking straight while mowing along gentle hillsides. Tire position is staggered to minimize soil compaction and rutting.

Pro-Max 36 Adjustable Overlap

Adjustable Overlap

The PM-36 was designed for real world use by professional turf grass producers. Often mowing patterns require the operator to make sharp turns or follow pivot tracks. To accommodate this, the PM-36 can be customized to meet your requirments. The PM-36 can be narrowed by 4" on either side (independently) by simply moving a spacer. This increases deck overlap helping to eliminate strips of uncut grass during tight turns.

Progressive Commonality of Parts

Commonality of Parts

For easy servicing and part availability, many key components are common between the PM-36 and TD92 - both new and older generations. For instance, the main deck components are interchangeable between all five mower decks. This keeps the stock of spare parts required to a minimum and uptime to the max!

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