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The Progressive SDR-65 is a 3-point hitch roller mower, based upon Progressive's Tri-Deck Roller (TDR) mower family. The SDR-65, a single deck roller mower, utilizes the same rear deck found on the popular TDR-15 with only a slight change to accommodate the three point hitch.

Not to be confused with light duty 3-point hitch mowers that are also available, the SDR-65 has the same heavy duty design and construction that all Progressive finish mowers share. The SDR-65 is truly a heavy duty mower, with 6" diameter steel rollers running the full length of the deck on both the front and rear, and built to withstand constant use.

Ideal for smaller mowing tasks where a quality cut is mandatory, the SDR-65's full width rollers allow you to cut as low as ½", while simultaneously striping and rolling the mowing surface. If a new mower is in your plans to maintain your lawn, sports field, estate, or other turf application, consider the SDR-65; its durability will prove its value for years to come.

High Blade Tip Speed:

  • With a tip speed over 18,000 feet per minute, Progressive's high lift blades provide superior airflow to stand grass up: to be cleanly cut and evenly discharged over the rear rollers, while minimizing clumping and accumulation.
  • Progressive's high tip speed provides a clean even cut at ground speeds up to 6 miles per hour for the high productivity users have come to appreciate from a Progressive mower.

Easy change height adjustment:

  • Infinite cutting height adjustment from ½" to 4" is easily accomplished with the on board tool. This allows the SDR-65 to transition quickly for multiple mowing height applications.

Full length rollers:

  • 6" diameter rollers run full length on both the front and rear of the SDR-65 mower deck. Smoothing the mowing surface while cutting, the rollers also help promote root to turf contact for faster divot repair and healthier turf.
  • The rollers will stripe the turf, leaving a pleasing visual impact for the facilities patrons - a testament to the professionalism of the job.

Heavy duty lift link:

  • An industry common Category 1, 3-point hitch is utilized, making the Progressive SDR-65 easily connected to similarly equipped tractors. Reinforced, heavy duty mounting points on mower decks are designed for long life.

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