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The demand for high quality finish mowing often conflicts with tightening budgets, but Progressive offers several models that meet the challenge. Our mowers are designed to follow the ground conditions found in school yards, recreation areas, and golf courses (both fairways and roughs) and produce a high quality finish cut. The total cost of operation is low, thanks in part to the use of a common utility tractor. This means lower capital outlay than a self-contained mower and increased utilization of the existing tractor. When you are not mowing, the mower can be quickly disconnected from the tractor, increasing the utilization of the tractor for other tasks. Similarly, reconnection is quick and simple. Now that's value!

Pro-Flex 120B
10' Contour Finishing Mower

This versatile contour mower has the ability to mow fairways or roughs, or blow leaves while backing up. High blade tip speed leaves a second-to-none after cut appearance. Shock absorbers on each mowing deck eliminate deck bounce as the Pro-Flex 120B follows changing ground contours.

10' Roller Finishing Mower

Featuring a 10'6" wide cut and 3 independently floating decks, the TDR-X contour roller mower is both productive and agile. Designed to closely follow the contours of a championship ranked golf course, it produces a professional quality cut that will impress both Superintendents and Members alike.

12' Tri-Deck Roller Finishing Mower

Designed to maintain wide area mowing venues that require a superlative after cut appearance. Full length rollers allow a cut as low as ½" while simultaneously rolling and striping the mowing surface; making it ideal for municipal parks, athletic fields, and equestrian facilities. It is ideal for golf courses as either a fairway or as a rough mower as the TDR-12B is very maneuverable.

12' Tri-Deck Finishing Mower

Designed to maintain large mowing areas. Three independent floating mower decks follow the ground conditions found at golf courses, producing a superior cut at speeds up to 6 miles per hour.

65" Single Deck Roller Mower

Not to be confused with other, lighter duty three point hitch mowers, the SDR-65 has 6" rollers running the full length of the deck on both the front and rear producing a superior cut.

Progressive Blade Options

We know that growing conditions and user requirements vary from site to site, whether it across the country or just in the next county. At Progressive Turf Equipment we offer a choice of blades options, allowing users to optimize their cut and lower their maintenance costs.

 This document is only intended as an overview. Consult the individual specification sheets for more information. Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and designs without prior notice. The images shown do not necessarily represent the standard version of products offered by Progressive Turf Equipment. In some images, safety shielding may have been removed to provide enhanced viewing of components - ALWAYS replace safety guards and shields before operating any equipment.
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