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The TDR-12B tri-deck roller mower has a 12' wide cut and full length rollers on each deck making it ideal for sports turf, polo fields, and municipal parks. The TDR-12B can cut as low as ½" while it stripes the turf for a pleasing visual impact. Using the Progressive TDR-12B will provide an outstanding professional finished appearance as it smooths the surface at the same time. In addition the re-growth of divots is improved through better root to soil contact from the passing rollers. Cutting heights are quick and simple to set with the supplied tool to any height from ½" to 4". If the mower needs to be transported on public roads, optional fenders are available

A superior quality cut is achieved with the combination of high tip speed and Progressive's high lift blades, which stands the grass up prior to cutting and then disperses the clippings evenly over the rear rollers. Only 25 to 40 horsepower is required to operate the TDR-12B, which keeps the cost of tractor operation low.

All mower decks are free floating to follow changing contours. Decks float side to side is 40 degrees total (15 degrees down and 25 degrees up). In addition, unlike similar mowers, the TDR-12B decks float a total of 24 degrees front to back (12 degrees down and 12 degrees up).


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