TPI 2021 – Roller Mowers

Roller Mowers

Progressive offers six sizes of tri-deck roller mowers in 10.5’, 12’, 15.5’, 22’, 26’, and 29.5’ cutting widths. By sharing many field proven designs and components means greater uptime, higher productivity and lower operating cost.

That’s your Progressive Advantage!

Our TDR-22 is the most popular large Roller Finishing Mower on the market is proudly built in North America.  The TDR-22 is also the best long term value in a Roller Finishing Mower for larger natural grass production fields.

Up the ante along with your production with either the TDR-26 or the TDR-30 at cutting widths of 26 feet and 29.5 feet respectively.  Like all Progressive mowers they offer unparalleled performance is due to the many standard features that have been field proven over many years of productive use.

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