TPI 2020 Winter Convention

To: All Natural Grass Producers – World Wide

Progressive Turf Equipment is pleased to announce the 2020 Winter TPI Blade Offer, in conjunction with the TPI Winter Convention & Field Day, to be held February 17 to 20, 2020 in Orlando FL.
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Exclusive Blade Offer!

Progressive Turf Equipment Inc. is pleased to announce the 2020 TPI Winter Convention & Field Day Blade Offer.

This is your best opportunity to purchase a new Progressive Mower. Make your best deal on the mower of your choice of the applicable models within the offer validity period and you could be eligible to receive one of two Blade Packages that best meets your needs from Progressive Turf Equipment! This program has a retail value of up to $1,450.00, depending on mower purchased and which package you select.

We know how important Up-Time is to your production demands and this includes not wasting time and money on inferior aftermarket blades. This offer ensures you have genuine equipment blades, when you need them. Please refer to the 2020 TPI Winter Convention & Field Day Coupon for contents of each package. The coupon may be printed from our website.